4 Great Caribbean Movies

Posted by Timbers Resorts on November 6, 2012

You might be on St. Thomas or perhaps you’re someplace else in the world, but some warm evening when you’re with us at Timbers Resorts, it’s going to be movie night.

With that in mind, what follows is our shortlist of red-hot Caribbean-themed films.

Primarily for the folks who make their luxury fractional residence home with us at The Preserve at Botany Bay, our list also applies to anyone in search of some frames full of blue-and-green waters, white-sand beaches, and grass-roofed cabanas in their flicks.

Four great Caribbean movies. Don’t forget the popcorn and a tall glass of rum-punch!

1. Dr. No 

It’s hard to say no to Sean Connery, and you really shouldn’t when it comes to this original iteration of James Bond for the big screen. From the lower-key presentation of the character and mythology — no weird gadgets or overly off-the-wall sequences — to the brilliant environs around Kingston, Jamaica, circa 1962, this is one of the best in a now double-digit entry franchise. Also, Ursula Andress’s emergence from the ocean in Dr. No is near-legendary. Hold onto your seats, people. [1 hr 49 min]

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 

First in Disney’s series, this is pretty much family-friendly fare but with a winking nod at more adult ideas. Johnny Depp creates a character that is both eternal child and over-the-hill rock star. Shot primarily in St. Vincent, a volcanic island among the Grenadines. [2 hr 5 min]

3. Cocktail

It’s rooted in Manhattan, but its characters learn to live and love again in Jamaica. The attraction here is certainly the crackle between the two male leads (sorry Elizabeth Shue!), as Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown go head-to-head on almost every front. And, in a sense, it’s a musical, with a lot of bottle-tossing choreography for the eye. And then there’s “Kokomo,” which in a very real way put the Beach Boys back on the map in the 1980s. [1 hr 43 min]

4. The Harder They Come

It would be kind of irresponsible to recommend Caribbean-themed films without addressing a highlight among movies actually made by Caribbean artists. Jamaica-born Perry Henzell brings us this vehicle for reggae star Jimmy Cliff — a crime film set in Jamaica that sits squarely in the realm of 1970s independent cinema. It became a cult hit after playing at midnight showings in New York City, and its soundtrack made a major splash for reggae music in the U.S. [2 hr]

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