5 Clever Gifts for the Photographer in Your Life

Posted by Timbers Resorts on December 18, 2012

For some folks, picking the right holiday gift for a friend or family member is a snap. But what if you’re buying for the snapper of the bunch?

Unless you’re a photographer yourself, it can be a bit bewildering to wade into the lenses, bodies, and accessories that help fuel a picture-taking hobby or career.

Well, the good news is, photographers and gear go together like ducks and water. You can be clever about what you choose, and you needn’t go looking for a full four-figure rig. Photographers appreciate options. Let’s look at some of yours, and bring some good gift ideas into focus.

1. 360 Panorama app ($0.99 | Buy It)

This app gives you a point-and-match grid for photographers who want to get a multi-shot panoramic image.

2. Holga SLFT-IP4 Lens for iPhone ($23.99 | Buy It)

Featuring a clip-on case, this ingenious wheel of lenses and filters pushes the envelope of what your iPhone camera can do. From colors to close-ups, and multi-image effects as well, the Holga lens transforms your picture-taking into something more like toting a traditional bag of cool accessories.

3. Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Photoshop, Aperture, and Final Cut ($15–$40 | Buy It)

The photographer in the digital age may still retreat to the darkroom now and then, but odds are they’re a digital editor. These intuitive and innovate flexible skins overlay their computer keyboard, revealing all the quickest ways to do the most common and useful image-editing tasks with just a keyclick.

4. Impossible Project Classic and Modern Polaroids ($50–$149 | Buy It)

In 2008, The Impossible Project gathered a team of 10 former Polaroid employees and saved the last Polaroid production plant on Earth. They put it back to work, inventing and producing new instant film cameras, accessories, and film-packs. For the analog fan on your list!

5. GoPro Hero 3 ($199.99–$399.99 [Harness: $39.99] | Buy It)

What if you could take your camera hands-free? GoPro makes this hi-def wearable camera that can survive almost any environment. Say you’re skiing at Dancing Bear Aspen, or dipping into the waters of Cabo San Lucas at Esperanza, the Hero 3 doesn’t mind the cold, wet, or most anything else the elements can throw at it. The unit is even time-lapse-photo capable, so photographers can set it up on its own, outdoors, for some spectacular nature work.

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