Beyond the Beach: On (and Under) the Water at Botany Bay

Posted by Timbers Resorts on July 15, 2012

A lazy stroll through shaded historic grounds. A plunge into the sapphire waters and then a nap under your favorite palm.

Or instead, how about sail into the gentle afternoon and a quiet slip into the waves for underwater exploration?

While the stretches of sandy beach and the rich history of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands are alone sufficient enticement to step outside at Timbers Resorts’ Preserve at Botany Bay, the surf is also a destination for snorkeling, diving. kayaking, and sailing.

Let’s take a look at some best bets and some beginners’ tips for taking the plunge.

Snorkeling Calm Waters

Out at the eastern tip of St. Thomas is the sliver of calm, deep blue that is Coki Point. Snorkelers have been known to hand-feed the platinum-shiny fish that weave their way through these waters. Bring a bit of corn or some dog treats to attract them. Another spot to try out your mask: Smith Bay Park on the north side of the island, with its diamond-white sands and tranquil water.

Diving Wrecks and Reefs 

From storm-tossed yachts to bottomed-out naval barges, what surface sailors have lost becomes the stuff of colorful underwater worlds. There’s a rainbow of reefs down there, and a living spectrum of ocean life. Diving opens up an entirely new experience for our adventure-seeking Owners and guests. You’ll find dive centers for the choosing throughout St. Thomas. Packages can be bought by the day or by the tank, or both in combination. Lessons are also available for those new to SCUBA. This island-visitor website can help you with ideas and operators.

Skimming the Bays by Kayak

Independently or by tour, you too can pilot your own bright-yellow craft by paddle. Slide into the wildlife sanctuary of St. Thomas’s mangroves, or explore the historic side of the island by navigating to Hassel Island for French and British Colonial ruins. Check this Virgin Islands website for more details. 

Sunsets by Sail

You can combine almost any of these ideas into a complete package by basing your snorkeling, diving — even your kayaking — from the deck of a day (or weekend) sail. Charter a craft complete with crew, or hire your boat and bring your own skills to the ropes and riggings. Spend the afternoon fishing off  the short and then plan for an end of day dinner aboard your own schooner or yacht. Here’s a Virgin Islands visitor website to help with trip and charter options.

Remember, at the end of every aquatic adventure, the friendly faces of The Preserve at Botany Bay await your return. What tales will you have to tell? Drop us a note and share your snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and sailing delights!

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