Getting to The U.S. Virgin Islands

Posted by Timbers Resorts on September 29, 2012

When is your first stop also your destination? When you’re traveling from the United States to the U.S. Virgin Islands — and to St. Thomas in particular.

Many Caribbean-bound travelers like to make St. Thomas their first stop, picking up a puddle jumper (or a private boat) to go on to St. Croix, St. John, or the British Virgins.

Owners and guests of The Preserve at Botany Bay know better, however. They know that it’s a simple and smooth ride from the airport to the western side of St. Thomas, and then Timbers Resorts takes over for the rest of their island vacation.

Point is, our luxury residence club is not only stunningly gorgeous — stretched as it is along a secluded and historic curve of inviting, turquoise waters — it’s easy to get to as well

Let’s look at the trip, and some ways to make it directly, with all good speed.

Getting Here: U.S. to St. Thomas (East Coast? 180 Minutes or Less)

Among the domestic airlines flying straight to St. Thomas from the United States, the following list captures many of them. You can certainly see the options available for getting here:

American Airlines: New York, Boston, and Miami

Delta: Atlanta

U.S. Airways: Charlotte

United Airlines: Washington, D.C., Newark

A flight from New York City? About three hours. Travelers from Atlanta might add about 50 minutes to their expectations. Coming up from Miami? Shave an hour off that and you’re here in two!

Farther Ports of Call: St. Thomas from Canada and Across the Pond

As recently as summer 2012, there were some striking deals on flights to St. Thomas from Canadian cities such as Toronto (how does $116 round-trip sound?). If you’re looking for a direct flight, any time of year, Air Canada added a route in December 2011.

It’s a bit more of a trick to fly direct from a point of origin such as London. Typically, you’re looking at a stop in Philadelphia or Boston, even France. Look at airlines such as American and U.S. Airways. They’re typically a good bet (and you can sometimes find relatively hot deals at about £399).

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