Meet Botany Bay’s New Director of Water Sports

Posted by Timbers Resorts on January 7, 2013

If there’s one thing that Timbers Resorts’ new Director of Water Sports at The Preserve at Botany Bay knows, it’s the shoreline and all the treasures and adventures that it has to offer.

Dave Burden has been making those places where the land meets the ocean his home for more than a decade as a professional kayak guide, eco-conscious shorekeeper, and designer of water-sports equipment.

Also known as the “Director of Fun” at Botany Bay, he is a global entrepreneur in the world of being on the water — in terms of both having a great experience and also giving good attention to the way we impact the coastlines that provide us with their gifts.

At Botany Bay, the Owners and guests who’ve already come to know their luxury fractional living as deeply intertwined with the Caribbean and the Atlantic are now about to experience that relationship on a whole new level.

“I’ve been visiting Botany Bay ever since it was brought into the Timbers Collection,” Burden said. “I’ve always had a close connection with the property, and am excited to be able to introduce Owners and guests to the Botany Bay that I know and love.”

Let’s look at what he had to say about the upcoming 2013 season. Burden spoke to us just back from — what else? — sailing for several days.

Waves of Opportunity

There are some special stretches of beach out here, on the tip of St. Thomas, where two oceans meet. Burden outlined some of the features that make his upcoming programs something special for Owners and guests.

“The incredible pristine reef at Botany Bay,” he said. “Crystal clear waters and the gentle waters of Mermaid’s Chair. The variety of wave conditions at Sandy Bay allow for great instruction as does its proximity to other well protected beaches during times of significant winter swell.”

That means flexibility and year-round access. But what will Botany Bay’s new program look like?

The Programs in 2013

Burden listed a bevy of trips, rental opportunities, and lesson options. Here’s the rundown:

— Kayaking: trips, rentals, and lessons

— Stand Up Paddle boarding: trips rentals and sales (SUP)

— Surfing lessons

— Boogie Board: rentals

— Snorkeling: guided trips and rentals

— Guided Hikes

If you haven’t got the gear, not to worry. Burden said his programs come complete with equipment to rent or buy — from paddleboards to kayaks, to snorkeling gear.

As the waves gently lap the sands at Botany Bay, with Burden at the helm the water is bound to be the hottest spot on St. Thomas this year.

To visit us this season at The Preserve at Botany Bay and experience this adventuresome lifestyle, please visit our site,, call 340.777.5506 or send us an email at