Packing for A Last-Minute Trip Like A Travel Pro

Posted by Timbers Resorts on September 26, 2013

While the majority of vacations and trips are planned well in advance, some come up at the very last minute. Whatever the case may be, last-minute jaunts can be a hassle due to the part almost everyone dislikes— having to pack! Here are a few helpful hints for packing in a hurry so you can get where you’re going without the worry.

Lay everything out first.

“When packing for any trip, last minute or not, nothing should ever go into your suitcase until you’ve placed all items to be packed on your bed so you can see everything and can double check that you have what you need,” said Mary Anne Been, editor-in-chief of Jetset Extra, a travel site dedicated to giving their readers first-hand accounts of destinations and events around the world.

Electronic devices are mandatory.

It’s nearly impossible these days to go 24 hours, let alone a week or so, without a smartphone, computer, tablet, and other electronic devices. Not only will you want these for the plane ride to your destination, but also for keeping in touch with the outside world once you arrive. So throw all your electronics into a carry-on bag first. And, don’t forget the chargers! You’ll be pretty upset if you have to spend $50 to buy new cables at the airport.

Packing lightly saves time and aggravation.

Susan Foster, author of “Smart Packing for Today’s Traveler” says to avoid packing a wardrobe for every day you’ll be gone. “Pack interchangeable pieces based on one basic color and plan to wear each piece more than once,” Foster said. “Two pairs of dark slacks plus one jacket plus four shirts/blouses will last for one week. For two or more weeks, launder/clean and repeat. Pack clothes that you love so you feel good wearing the same things many times in different combinations.”

Check the weather.

A quick check on the weather forecast for where you’ll be going can do wonders. If there’s rain in the forecast consider bringing a raincoat and umbrella. If it’s going to be really hot, pack warm-weather clothing. But then again, don’t trust the weatherman completely. Always bring a backup outfit that you can use in case the weather is different from what you expected.

Don’t stress.

Trips are meant to be fun. Keep it that way. Just because you’re having to do a lot of packing last minute, doesn’t mean you should let it get you in a panic.

“Packing for last-minute travel doesn’t have to be any more stressful than packing for regular travel,” explains Jane Coloccia, a columnist for the New York Luxury Travel Examiner. “In fact, if you have less time to prepare you might be more apt to pack less as having a lot of time to plan means you might be buying and throwing more things into the suitcase than you really need.”

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