Scuba St. Thomas

Posted by Timbers Resorts on February 2, 2012

For those who crave an adventurous Virgin Islands vacation, some of the hemisphere’s best diving is less than a day’s drive away from The Preserve at Botany Bay – Timbers Resorts’ tropical property on the West End of St. Thomas.

Reef Diving gives you an up-close view of coral formations, gorgonians, sponges and shellfish — as well as schools of angelfish, snappers, spadefish, cowfish and dozens of other varieties. You’ll also see larger predators like sharks and rays.

Reef dives within five miles of St. Thomas include Flat Cay Reef, Supermarket Reef, Hidden Valley and Wye Reef — all of which are serviced regularly by local dive shops.

Wreck Diving combines the beauty of undersea diving with the excitement of exploring ruins. All the wrecks near St. Thomas are modern — you’ll find no Spanish galleons — but many already host a diverse population of sea life. Schools of fish, eels, turtles, sharks, rays and remoras dart between the bulkheads and sheet metal.

  • The WIT Concrete is an enormous fuel carrier — 350 feet long by 55 feet wide — and among the most popular wreck dives in the area.
  • The Cartanza Senora is a 190-foot freighter at the bottom of Shipwreck cove. The cove protects divers from the worst currents, making it a safe first-time wreck dive.
  • For something new to even experienced divers, you can explore the wreck of a DC3 passenger plane submerged in the ocean about a mile from the airport.

From supplies to transportation to instruction, you can rely on local dive shops to make your expedition safe and enjoyable. Highly recommended shops include:

Red Hook Dive Center (340) 777-3483

St. Thomas Diving Club (340) 776-2381

Blue Island Divers (340) 774-2001

Coki Beach Dive Club (340) 775-4220