The Bay Lights Shine Bright

Posted by Timbers Resorts on June 3, 2013

Seventy-five years after the dream of one self-proclaimed “emperor of these United States” came true, the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland is to be celebrated . . . in lights.

Artist Leo Villareal has brought a massive LED architectural project to 1.8 miles of the nearly 4 1/2-mile span of the Bay Bridge. Witness The Bay Lights.

Three-hundred of the structure’s vertical cables — some of them 240-feet high — have been draped with strands of individual LEDs, and, come nightfall, the waters beneath shimmer and the night sky overhead is washed with Villareal’s luminescent vision.

Let’s take a closer look at the installation itself, and highlight one of the best ways that Owners and guests of Timbers Resorts‘ luxury fractional properties can enjoy an elevated view of the spectacle this summer.

(Oh, and who’s the “emperor” who dreamed of such a bridge? Joshua Abraham Norton, a gently revered San Francisco eccentric, alive during the 1800s. He anointed himself Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, in 1859, and then “ordered” a San-Francisco-to-Oakland bridge more than once during his lifetime. The Bay Bridge eventually did come to pass, under city and state leadership, in the 1930s.)

The Bridge in Lights

Villareal has created an illuminated work of art along the Bay Bridge that is more than 26 football-fields from end to end.

The acclaimed artist — known for his works in the Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery, and for winning awards worldwide — took six months with a team of dozens to plan and execute the $8 million installation.

The Bay Lights will remain on the bridge for some two years, affording residents and visitors an unparalleled visual experience, dusk to 2 a.m. It is expected that some 50 million people will see the installation, and that some $97 million will end up back in the local economy from visitors to the work of art.

The Bay Lights is as ecological friendly as it is inviting to the eye. Villareal constructed it with energy-efficient hardware. The installation costs about $30 per day in electricity, and solar panels offset that usage, putting back into the system what The Bay Lights takes out.

Seeing the Lights

Timbers Resorts will be hosting a rooftop reception in July 2013 for Owners and guests at Hotel Vitale, a luxury hotel on San Francisco’s waterfront. This landmark San Francisco boutique hotel was designed to uniquely encompass modern luxury touches balanced with soothing natural elements. Its open air terraces offer vast views of the bay, perfect for summertime with the America’s Cup races taking place, the Bay Lights at night and enjoying the pleasant coastal temperatures.

To learn more about Timbers Resorts or our event this summer, please contact us at 800.941.4579 (toll free) or 970.963.4626 (direct) or via email at