The Best Beaches on St. Thomas

Posted by Timbers Resorts on September 10, 2012

St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is the picture of tropical, Caribbean paradise. The crystal-clear cerulean waters, white sand beaches and lush flora and fauna, including stunning wildlife below sea level are the elements of sites of endless relaxation and sun-baked entertainment on the island. To match this natural beauty is the luxury of The Preserve at Botany Bay, an idyllic enclave of homes, from which residents head out to the best beaches on the island, detailed below.

Magens Bay

St. Thomas’s most popular beach just a short drive from The Preserve at Botany Bay is an entire mile long and also a public park, possibly one of the world’s most beautiful.  For a hopping social scene and to mingle with locals and visitors, this is the place to post up and bask in the sun, as something is always happening. If quiet seclusion is what you prefer, though, one of the island’s many other beaches is a better option.

Sandy Beach at Sandy Bay

Sandy Beach at Sandy Bay is one of the coves at Botany Bay, and it practically makes up the front yard of those living in luxury homes on the sand. Because it’s within Botany Bay, your beachside tranquility is assured.

Sapphire Beach

The name conjures up a color scheme of gem tones, and the beach does include a number of impressive, vibrant colors. Many of these hues can be found in the beach’s sea glass found on the shores and coral reef, which is one of the best on the island, making Sapphire Beach a choice snorkeling spot.

Hull Bay

Hull Bay is a choice spot for surfers on St. Thomas, and fisherman often take their boats out in the bay to secure their catch of the day in the waters. The beach is as scenic as they come, and also an ideal stretch of sand for uninterrupted sun and surf time.

Other favorite beaches include Coki Point Beach, Secret Harbour, Morningstar Beach, and Lindbergh Beach, plus many more.

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