The Best Caribbean Cookbooks

Posted by Timbers Resorts on June 21, 2012

Caribbean cuisine is truly in a category all its own. It combines influences from African, French, Spanish, British, Asian and Indian cuisines all mashed up with local ingredients. That’s why it takes unique experience from a widely traveled local or expat to do proper justice to its variety. Check out our top five Caribbean cookbooks from authors who get it just right. And the next time you prepare a Caribbean dish, envision yourself at the West Indian retreat of The Preserve at Botany Bay, Timbers Resorts’ luxury property spanning the western tip St. Thomas, USVI.

Eat Carribbean, by Virginia Burke

Virginia Burke may have spent the majority of her time in the Caribbean in Jamaica, but her cookbook draws on flavors from around the region. The highlight is her special chapter on Jerk. It’s not just for chicken, you know. Check out recipes for local favorites like Salt Fish Fritters and Quick-Time Pepperpot Soup as well, as modern dishes like Coconut Shrimp and Ginger Flan.


The Sugar Mill Caribbean Cookbook: Casual and Elegant Recipes Inspired by the Islands, by Jinx and Jefferson Morgan

Sugar Mill resort on the island of Tortola is owned by Caribbean food obsessives Jinx and Jefferson Morgan. In addition to blogging for food sites like Bon Appetit, they have also put out a particularly pleasant-to-read cookbook based on their Caribbean exploits. They mix fun local tales into more than 250 recipes, like Rum-Glazed Chicken Wings and Red Bean and Rice Salad.


Tastes Like Home: My Carribbean Cookbook, by Cynthia Nelson

Caribbean cuisine is more than just food, it is deeply intertwined with the local culture. Guyanese food blogger and Barbados resident Cynthia Nelson divides her book into a memoir section and a recipe section. Understanding Nelson’s experiences with food makes your appreciation for her more than 100 recipes from around the islands that much deeper. Readers are particularly appreciative of her easy-to-follow recipes for Indian-inspired dishes Roti, a flatbread often wrapped around stew, and Dhal Puri, a variation of Roti using lentils.


Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion, by Taymer Mason

For a healthier and more unusual take on Caribbean cooking, try this cookbook tailored toward vegans. Thanks to the region’s glorious array of herbs and spices, you won’t even miss the meat, eggs and dairy. Food blogger and dedicated vegan Taymer Mason definitely proves that vegan food doesn’t have to be bland, with 125 recipes that will spice up your life.

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