The World’s Your Oyster with Timbers Resorts

Posted by Timbers Resorts on September 9, 2013

What kind of vacation suits you best? Do you favor a stay in a grand Irish country house, or a villa on the beach? Do you prefer Mexico, Italy, the Rocky Mountains or California Wine Country? With so many options in the Timbers Collection, it can be hard to choose. Here’s the good news: no matter what Timbers Resorts property you decide to call home, you can mix it up when it’s time for a change.

Rachel Elliott - Timbers Resorts' Partnerships & Reciprocity Coordinator

Rachel Elliott – Timbers Resorts’ Partnerships & Reciprocity Coordinator

When making the decision to purchase a vacation property, of course you’ll pick the place where you want to spend the most time, “but many Owners want to experience other properties within the Timbers Collection as well,” says Rachel Elliott, Partnerships and Reciprocity Coordinator for Timbers Resorts. Fortunately, the Timbers Reciprocity Program makes the process of trading weeks at Timbers Resorts’ fractional ownership properties, simple and easy.

Here’s how it works: Log into your password-protected Owner’s account, deposit the week you wish to trade, and in return you’ll receive a credit for a week that may be used at any available property. Then, search the pool for what is available and make your choice.

There are several features that make trading weeks easy at Timbers Resorts. “You don’t have to trade for the same week or even in the same year. Your credit is good for two years and you can pick any week you want within that time frame – you don’t have to trade for a comparable property. In other words, if you have a 2-bedroom Home at The Orchard at the Carneros Inn, you can conceivably trade for a week at a 5-bedroom Farmhouse in Tuscany.

“For Owners that want to trade, and most do, we see a 98 percent success rate on trades,” says Elliott. What people are looking for when they decide to try out a new property runs a wide spectrum. Say you love Snowmass, but your family is yearning for a beach getaway for a change – or – you want to try a different mountain to ski. According to Elliott, “The main theme we hear all the time is, ‘we’re sampling all of the properties, it’s our goal to visit every location.’

“You’re trading experiences, not residences. Each location is so special and unique,” continues Elliott. Despite the fact that each resort has distinct features that make it stand out, all of the properties have one thing in common: You’ll have access to the very best activities, adventures and amenities during your stay. And while you are there, it will still feel just like home.

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