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Virgin Islands Tops Lonely Planet Top 10

Posted by Timbers Resorts on January 6, 2012
The U.S. Virgin Islands was ranked number one on Lonely Planet’s list of the Top 10 US travel destinations for 2012, a publication aimed at an audience with an adventurous nature. Located in the heart of the U.S.V.I. is The Preserve at Botany Bay – A Signature Development of Timbers Resorts – ideally situated on the western tip of St....

Under the Sea at Botany Bay

Posted by Timbers Resorts on August 22, 2011
Guest post from Mary Anne Steele, a production assistant for underwater filmmaker Ziggy Livnat. I have been fortunate to see some amazing underwater seascapes. Recently, I was introduced to a new one at The Preserve at Botany Bay on St. Thomas, the site of the Timbers Resorts development. For The Sea Productions was created by Ziggy Livnat to...

10 Perfect Days in the Virgin Islands

Posted by Timbers Resorts on June 13, 2011
Guest Post from Amy Anderson, Director of Marketing for Timbers Resorts. It was one of those trips that my husband and I have wanted to take for years. There were numerous hours spent flipping through sailing books, navigating our route, and looking at photos of fish and coral reefs on the iPad before bed. There were even more hours spent...

From Beacon Hill to Botany Bay

Posted by Timbers Resorts on May 25, 2011
In search of the perfect escape from Boston’s chilly winters, Brad and Barbara Shingleton of Boston were drawn to Timbers Resorts’ Caribbean property, The Preserve at Botany Bay upon first glance. Having spent a year on St. Lucia in the ’80s, they knew they would own a second home in the islands someday. When the time came to...

Sun, Sea, Surf & Ancient Petroglyphs

Posted by Timbers Resorts on May 4, 2011
Bland Kiser, Ownership Representative & now “Archeologist-in-Residence” for The Preserve at Botany Bay , takes us on a brief video tour of some of the petroglyphs found at near the Botany Bay site.  According to : Although no one knows for certain, […] petroglyphs were created by the pre-Columbian inhabitants...
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